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With This Lamp, No Home Will Ever Be Dark Again

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The demand for electricity always exceeds the available supply. And, there are a lot of people who need it but have no capability of having it. Most of these people are living in rural areas. So, having no access to electricity will mean that they will be spending dark nights.

But, with this innovated lamp, families can have light for up to eight hours. They’ll only need a cup of salt water. To create a saline solution, you only need two tablespoons of salt and a glass of water. If you are living near the sea, you can also use sea water as an alternative.

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The salt water that runs the lamp can operate just like a regular battery. Plus, it’s safer because salt water is not dangerous and isn’t a flammable chemical.

What happens with the salt water is that electrodes in the battery react to the salt ions contained in salt water. And, through that, the reaction produces a charge.

If used for eight hours every day, the battery in the lamp with last for six months. But, it can even last longer if used lesser than that. Aside from producing light, it can also act as a power bank for charging your phones in case its battery runs out. Some areas are prone to calamities like typhoons so having light and charging phones is really essential especially in times of emergencies.

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This innovation is the work of engineers of Sustainable Alternative Lighting or SALt, a group led by Aisa Mijeno. The group has won 7 international awards for entrepreneurship and sustainability.

The group aims to create a source of light that’s cheap yet reliable for areas in her country which has no access to electricity.

SALt is currently working to provide more lamps to other families in remote areas in their country, the Philippines. And, their group is also working to develop other technologies that can be beneficial to everyone.

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