tick rashes

Visit a Doctor Once You See This Rash

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For people who love going outdoors or are planning to have fun outdoors, they want to make sure that they protect their skin. Most people apply the best sunscreen to protect their skin from heat. But, aside from protection against UV rays, people should also learn how to protect their skin from getting rashes especially if they’re from tick bites.

tick rashes

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Some ticks carry carrying Lyme disease which can later lead to neurological and cardiac disorders. Lyme disease is spread through deer ticks and is caused by Borelia bacteria. If it’s caught in its early stages, it can be easily treated. To easily spot a tick bite, you have to watch out for these signs.

Rash – The earliest sign of a tick bite is a rash that radiates out from the bite. It would look like a bull’s eye pattern. The rash that radiates from it is actually the bacteria spreading out from the bite.

rashes from ticks

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Flu-like symptoms – There are people who have infected bites but do not get rashes. Instead, they will experience flu-like symptoms like fever, fatigue, and joint pains.

How to avoid Lyme disease?

The best way to avoid it is to prevent getting tick bites. It is advisable to wear long pants and sleeves especially if you’re going to bushy areas. You can also wear light colored clothing so that it can be easy for you to spot ticks. Once you find one, remove it using tweezers. If bitten, remove it quickly to avoid further spread of infection and go see a doctor immediately.

Having fun outdoors shouldn’t be stopped by your fear of Lyme disease. Be certain that you follow these tips for you to have fun and stay safe at the same time.

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