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This Guy is Making Thousands of Dollars from Potatoes

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When thinking of starting a business, it can be difficult to conceptualize ideas on what kind of business you want to do. You have to consider how long such business would last or if someone would even be interested on it. It’s like trial and error.

A young entrepreneur, Alex Craig, has though of an idea which most people would consider stupid. While dining with his girlfriend, Alex came up with an idea. And, his girlfriend thought it was the stupidest idea that she’s ever heard.

His girlfriend never thought that, out of a ‘stupid idea’, Alex would be making so much money. Last May 2015, Alex launched Potato Parcel. Yes – potatoes! Potatoes as parcel. Weird isn’t it? He is selling potatoes online – which you can actually buy from the nearest supermarket. But, Alex persevered and now he is earning thousands of dollars from it.

When you order potatoes from the website, you have to include a short message as well as the name and address of the person to whom the “parcel” would be sent. The short message would be written on the potato you ordered. It would be sealed in an envelope and is mailed anonymously.

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He started mailing these potatoes all over United States. But, due to public demand, he is now shipping them internationally. You can now order and send them to Australia, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Amazing isn’t it?

If you like to send a message to your loved ones and friends in a unique way, or you just want to do it for fun, you can send it via Potato Parcel.

If you want to know more about how this works (or might be interested ordering), you can visit the Potato Parcel website at

Here’s also a video of it:

Video by USA TODAY via Youtube

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