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The World’s Finest Opal

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The world’s finest opal has been unearthed and it’s called the Virgin Rainbow – probably because of its rainbow of colours. It’s rare to find a multi-coloured gem like this so everyone seems to have their eyes on it. You might be surprised that one day your favourite celebrities will wear one.

beautiful opal

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Virgin Rainbow was discovered by the Australian opal miner, John Dunstan last 2003. It was mined at Coober Pedy, a remote town in northern South Australia, known for their high quantities of opals. He said that he found this in an old mineshaft. When he took it home and cleaned it, that’s the time that he realised its real value.

What makes this gemstone so unique? Opals are formed in a really unique method. They are not like minerals which would just occur in a crystalline structure. This gemstone took years “to make” because it’s actually made up of dinosaur fossil. Opal is made when water and silica mix together. The mixture will then form a gel which will flow into rocks and fossils. It hardens and after that, you get an amazing gemstone.


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The Virgin Rainbow is believed to be worth a jaw dropping £500,000. Yes! That’s half a million pounds all for a two and a half inch stone.

If you’re interested to see it personally, you can go to Australia. It will be on display for the public at the South Australian Museum starting September 25, 2015 until February 14, 2016. It is displayed as part of their show to celebrate the centennial year for opal mining in Australia.

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