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The Jewellery with A Surprise

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Bogi Fabian, a Hungarian artist known for her glowing works of art, has created a line of jewellery adding a bit of magic to each piece. The jewelleries she created were made from scratch and then styled with glaze and paint – and, of course, her trademark concept.

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When you see the jewellery, it seems like a plain pendant but turn off the lights or wear it in the dark, and you’ll be amazed by its hidden glow.

Glowing pigments are added to the pendant to give it a radiant and colourful design. She makes sure that no two pieces look exactly the same. During the day, these pieces look like earthy, organic stones. At first glance, you may think that they’re ordinary pieces. But, at night, its hidden beauty comes out in various glowing colours.


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The pigments added to it glow in the dark. It recharges itself when it’s exposed to light so when it gets dark, it will give that glowing light. It can glow in the dark for about 50 minutes. You can also use a UV light source so that you can enjoy its glow for a longer time.

According to Fabian, the real beauty of each piece shows in the dark. The glowing colours invites the person wearing the jewellery to forget what has happened all day and just go into a world full of dreams and inspiration.

Other than jewellery, she also creates ceramics and murals that glow in the dark. The body paintings that she created also have the same concept.

You can check out more of her creations on Bogi Fabian’s website or purchase items from her online shop.

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