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ICEBAR – A Bar Literally Made From Ice

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People would usually go to a bar, drink a few glasses of cocktails or liquor and chill. You would be surprised to know that there’s this bar you could find in London that would surely make you chill – literally!

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Icebar is a bar in London UK made from ice. It is associated with the famous Ice Hotel – which also has the same concept as the Icebar. Icebar resembles a full size truck and serves a variety of drinks. Rather than using manufactured ice, they use natural ice. About 38 tonnes of ice is used to create this bar. Yes! That’s right! 38 tonnes of ice is used to create such a magnificent bar.

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You may be wondering where all those ice come from. The ice is taken from the river Torne in Sweden. Blocks of ice are being chopped out of the river. You could still see stress fractures from all the chopping they did. Refrigerated trucks are then used to deliver the blocks of ice to UK.

As it is made from natural ice then it would be natural for it to melt, wouldn’t it? And, if it melts, would the floor get slippery? There’s no need to worry about that as the floor of the bar is made from a non-slip metal.

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The temperature is also monitored regularly in order to maintain it. To keep it from slowly melting and to keep the place cool at all times, the temperature is kept between -5° C and – 7° C. You will be entering the bar through an airlock door followed by a double door so the cold stays in.

They provide synthetic fur capes to customers who want to stay cosy inside. The staff also alternate with their tasks so that they don’t freeze. They greet, cape, and work on the bar from time to time. To be certain that they stay warm, they are wearing ski gears complete with thermal leggings and gloves.

Even the glasses are made from ice. It is made from the same ice used in creating the bar. For hygienic reasons, ice glasses are for one use only. After using, it goes into a grinder then into the London water system.

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Before each session, non-alcoholic drinks are mixed up. This is done to avoid it from freezing. The spirits could be kept in the bar permanently since they do not freeze. Every session lasts for about 40 minutes. Ticket prices go between £14 and £16; first cocktail is included.

Each October, there is a team of artists from Ice Hotel that comes over to remove the ice and create a new design. Each year, it would have a new theme.

It’s really an Instagram-worthy bar and is also worth visiting when you go to London. Make sure you include that to your bucket list.

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