Google Deletes News Stories In Europe

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It is now trending, ironically, in Google News that some old stories are deleted in Europe. These stories were apparently deleted by Google not in the internet but in the European searches.

Many journalists in the internet are saying that this might be the cause of the “right to be forgotten” court ruling Google received. This means that searches, which are “inadequate, irrelevant or no longer relevant”, can be deleted by Google if the company receives a “request”.

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It has been reported that Google fought hard against the ruling.

Google said that it received many requests. It is now processing those requests.

It has been reported that Google would send a notice that certain news wouldn’t be seen on the result of the search of Google’s European version.

These are some of the entities and their complaints:

  • Robert Peston, a BBC economics editor, said Google deleted an entry of his blog post. In that 2007 entry, the article talked about Merrill Lynch, an investment bank, and then bank chairman Stan O’Neal. This was the time the mortgage crisis has hit the bank.
  • The Guardian also received notices, and Google deleted six articles from the search results.
  • Mail Online has also been hit with three articles deleted.
  • Oxford Mail has one article deleted.
  • El Mundo from Spain also has one article deleted.

Apparently, these stories can still be viewed by using the top-level domain. However, these stories can’t be viewed for searches under the requester’s name.

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