Flotus Rap Game On Point – Kids Better Go To College

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Michelle Obama has discovered the coolest way to make kids consider going to college. The First Lady of the United States together with Jay Pharaoh, a cast member of the Saturday Night Live, did a College Humour rap video that has gone viral on the internet. She boldly shows off her rap skills spitting about the benefits kids can expect if they go for higher college education. The hilarious video shows her dancing right in front of the White House and made Twitter go crazy with the hashtag #FlotusBars.

Some of the most interesting reactions from #FlotusBars go as follows:

michelle obama mashable

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The #FlotusBars keep going on with everyone jumping onto the opportunity to express themselves using their own lyrics. It is clear that many people on twitter are excited and support the cause while others are making political statements of their choice. Michelle Obama has demonstrated her lyrical prowess dropping lyrics that will make her the coolest mom on the planet. She encourages kids to go to college if they want to fly jets. Flotus goes on rapping to kids about reaching high and cashing on checks and filling their heads with knowledge. Many folks agree that the Flotus rap video was definitely the most entertaining thing online for the week. It appears that Michelle has stepped up her game as far as supporting worthy causes in one of the coolest ways is concerned.

Watch the full video:

Video by CollegeHumor via Youtube

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