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Facebook Is Testing Its ‘Dislike’ Button Feature

by / Comments Off on Facebook Is Testing Its ‘Dislike’ Button Feature / 11 View / September 17, 2015

Do you have a Facebook account? Was there a time that you’ve seen a post that you don’t like and you had no choice but to like it because only a ‘Like’ button is available? Wait no more! Facebook is currently testing a ‘dislike’ button feature.

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Mark Zuckerburg, Facebook Founder and CEO, has said that they want to offer more features on Facebook. The Facebook team has been testing the possibility of adding more features in the future. And, yes, the ‘dislike’ button is one of it. If it gets implemented, you will not only get likes but you will get dislikes as well.

According to Zuckerberg, not every moment is a good moment. He added that some people may not want to like a certain event. They are looking for ways to offer users a method of sharing their emotional reactions.

A lot of Facebook users have been waiting to have such feature for a long time already. Some of them were just forced to like a certain post, even if they don’t really like it, because of the fact that only a ‘like’ button is available. Then will they only have the chance to express their emotions by leaving hateful comments which really contradicts with the thought that they clicked the ‘Like’ button.

If this feature is implemented soon, it will surely change a lot of things on Facebook. It will have its advantages and its disadvantages. What do you think about this?

If you want to know more about the feature and Zuckerberg’s thoughts on the future of technology, watch the full video of the Q&A session:

Video by Vijay Anandh Ingarsal via Youtube

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