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Booty Shaking – A Solution to Crying Babies

by / Comments Off on Booty Shaking – A Solution to Crying Babies / 7 View / December 20, 2015

Do you want to know the easiest way to make your babies stop crying? Believe it or not, it is actually making them dance to the latest hip hop songs. That is not a joke! In the video, the pediatrician demonstrates how he was able to make babies stop crying by making them shake their booty and dance all around. They are obviously too young to know what they are doing anyway.

crying baby

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Nobody likes hearing babies cry but that is what they always do so you have to live with it.. It is important to always be gentle with the baby though as it is still very young and mishandling of the baby can lead to an accident. The pediatrician, Dr. Robert Hamilton, gives 4 simple steps in making the baby feel at ease. In fact, he did the entire thing to two babies which proves that it is indeed effective.

Video by Robert Hamilton via Youtube

Nobody has ever expected that making a baby dance is the solution to making it stop crying. A lot of parents would love to know this method since crying babies would usually keep them up at nights. They would definitely want to get a long rest after a long day’s work but it would be hard to do that if their babies would not stop crying.

The pediatrician is now considered a hero among parents who have tried numerous ways to make their babies stop crying but just could not do it. There is no doubt his video will be shared because it gives parents what they should exactly do when their babies are crying. The babies may be small but they make a lot of noise.

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