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Michael Pierce

custom island

The World’s First Portable Island

There’s that saying: “No man is an island.” But, almost all men want an island for themselves. Having your own island can be an ultimate dream. Well, maybe not, for those who have the money. Dutch architect Koen Olthuis has…

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survival condo

Living In This Condo Lets You Survive Doomsday

Introducing the Survival Condo Project – it does not just let you survive any apocalypse but it also lets you live luxuriously by the time doomsday comes. It looks like an underground facility just by looking at its entrance. It…

Comments Off on Living In This Condo Lets You Survive Doomsday / 17 View / July 30, 2015

Sports for Olympic Featured Image

Top 5 Olympic-Worthy Games – Many Will Agree to No. 3

Admit it, there are times the Olympics actually bore us, and the only reason why we stay up just to watch it is to root for our respective countries. The reason for this would probably be because there are some…

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phone etiquette


So when you want to check your smartphone or device in a business meeting, take my advice. Do not check your smartphone or device in a business meeting! When the urge is too much, what is the best thing to…

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shocked pic

WHAT’S WRONG WITH MY FACE? Tips for Treating Common Teen Skin and Facial Problems

Let’s face it, the teen years are probably the most embarrassing years to have skin problems. If we could just go from pre-teens and straight on to mid-life without having to go through the teenage years’ skin conditions, wouldn’t that…

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