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Media Buzzer is a media convergencefilled with tips and news that has the world abuzz.This site covers informative articles containing tips, news, events, and press releases. We have a content contribution team who is responsible for frequent content updates on this site. We accept brand advertisements from companies in UK, Australia, USA and elsewhere in the world.

We are an authority when it comes to informative and engaging articles; our goal is to provide readers with content that is not only entertaining but is also valuable to their everyday lives. Our content creation process involves rigorous steps from topic creation, writing, quality check to publication of the material which is ready for readers to enjoy.

Author Profiles

Our content contribution team is composed of the best content specialists in the industry:

Mark Fernandez

Through his regular contribution of trending news and informative articles on Media Buzzer, Mark Fernandez explores his hidden writing capabilities. His contributions on different websites not only focuses on business, technology and digital marketing but also on various niches. Mark is truly a jack of all trades when it comes to writing.

Maria Sasa

Maria Sasa is one of the original contributors in Media Buzzer. She shares her positivity in life by crafting health, finance and investment articles which you can read on different health and finance websites. Maria writes the latest news and press releases for Media Buzzer allowing her to further unlock her potential in writing.

Katrina Fernandez

Katrina Fernandez is a content marketing specialist focusing mainly on content related to family, home and weddings. By being an author at Media Buzzer, she expands on her craft by writing articles on different niches. Katrina hopes to inspire readers with the articles she contributes not only on Media Buzzer but also in different blogs.

Ivory Shaine Buendia

Ivory ShaineBuendia, a creative stylist and a self-taught artist, aims to inspire the world by sharing her helpful write-ups about fashion, travel and photography on various blogs. Media Buzzer has become Shaine’s medium for professional growth. She writes news and trending topics which can surelyamplify your understanding on different matters.


With our worldwide readers, your brand can easily connect with potential customers. We accept content contributions like news and press releases from companies in the United Kingdom, Australia, and everywhere else in the world.

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