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A New Facebook Feature Will Change The Way You Upload Profile Pictures

by / Comments Off on A New Facebook Feature Will Change The Way You Upload Profile Pictures / 39 View / October 8, 2015

Everyone wants to look good in their Facebook profile picture. Some would even go as far as adding filters and doing extra edits to their picture just to look good. When a random person looks at your profile picture and you look good in it, they will surely send you a friend request. It’s like the ultimate attention-grabber on Facebook.

Soon, Facebook will be releasing a new feature which will change how your profile looks. Facebook will soon give its users the ability to upload animated images as their profile picture. These images are just short videos, which lasts up to 7 seconds. The short video will start to loop when a user views your Facebook profile.

With this new feature and the said Dislike button feature, Facebook users will surely have another way to make their profiles fun and more engaging. It’s like another way to define your online identity.

animated profile pic

Image from Facebook News Room

Aside from having an animated profile picture, you will also have the capability to set temporary profile pictures. What does this mean? Almost all Facebook users set profile photos for a certain occasion but they forget to change it to a more appropriate one. Temporary profile pictures will be set on a specific time or occasion. Once the occasion is done, it will then revert back to your previous profile picture.

These features will come along with other profile updates that Facebook will be implementing soon. It is said that these features will be tested on selected users and sooner it will be available for everybody.

Let’s see what other features Facebook has in store for us. I’m sure any avid Facebook user will be excited to hear such news.

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